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The regulatory environment changes constantly. We are helping companies to overcome the regulatory hurdles and get timely project approvals . We developed an extensive code knowledge and we can guide you every step through the process.

Arsene Professional Engineers (APE Inc.) based in Laguna Niguel, California, USA  provides consulting engineering services to the renewable energy (wind and solar), petrochemical and telecommunications industry

Global Reach
Florin Arsene founded APE Inc. in 2007. Florin has more than 25 years of Structural Engineering experience. Florin holds Professional Engineer (PE) and Structural Engineer (SE) licenses in 15 states in USA, Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) in Canada, Chartered Professional Engineer (C. P. Eng.) in Australia and he is a Chartered Engineer (C. Eng.) and Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (M.I.C.E) in United Kingdom.

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